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Learn all about voice over at your own pace from some of the most talented people in the industry. In the Internet Voice Coach Library, you'll discover more than 400 articles as well as tips, interviews, and other valuable information geared to give you the knowledge and resources you need to get started in your voice over career, or take your career to the next level with insider knowledge and exclusive interviews with casting directors and voice over celebrities. Learn from hundreds of voice over video and audio tutorials available exclusively to our members.

Check out our Voice Over Steps to Success and see where your voice can take you!

And if you're ready to work one-on-one with one of the best and most successful voice over coaches in the business, check out my personal coaching site: OnlineVoiceOverCoach.com 

Voiceover for Beginners: Learn at your own pace, where and when it works for you

Commercial Voiceover: Find out what it takes to voice commercials for the radio and internet

Narration Voiceover; Learn how to voice corporate, medical and technical narration

Accent and Dialect Coaching: Having a knack for accents and dialects can help you get more auditions

Character Voiceover: Voice training for those interested in cartoon and video game work

Voiceover Auditioning: Tips and tools to get the most out of your auditions

Working Voice Professionals: How to book more voice over jobs

Marketing Your Voice: Self-promotion, the key to letting people know you're out there

Women's Voiceover: A growing number of voice overs ask specifically for women

Web-based Voiceover: Podcasts, Webcasts, and the skinny on Pay-to-Play sites

Home Studio Tips: Get the most out of what you've got, create a voiceover studio within your budget

Voiceover for KIDS!: Yes, kids can voice cartoon and video games too!

Public Speaking & More: Take your public speaking engagements to the next level and reap more reward

Voice Health: Mind & Body – Keeping your body and your voice healthy is paramount in the voice over business

International Voiceover: There's plenty of voiceover work abroad for those of you who are bi-lingual

Industry Interviews: Listen and learn from the best in the business

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