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Welcome to Internet Voice Coach

So you want to pursue a hobby or career in voiceover? Book more jobs? Maybe you want to learn to use your voice better and more successfully in whatever profession you're in, be it marketing, sales, acting or something different. Look no further. You've just found THE place for nurturing, honing and expanding your voice skills.

We've got hundreds of video and audio tutorials available to our members. Check out all the departments on the left and right side of this page and see where your voice can take you!



The Peter Coyote Interview
David Rosenthal with Peter Coyote
The Peter Coyote Interview Peter Coyote's name is synonymous with narrative and commercial Voice Over. His voice has been heard by pretty much everyone at some point in their life, unless they've been hiding under a rock. His career spans decades and in this IVC Industry Interview he shares with us not only his experience but his wisdom and advice for today's aspiring Voice Over talent. Watch now. . . . check it out
Working In The Shadow Of Disaster
Paul Strikwerda
Working In The Shadow Of Disaster With so many high-tech products being launched in Japan, could this be unchartered territory for international voice talent? Paul Strikwerda spoke with voice-over Mark Weitzman, who moved to Japan in 1993. . . . check it out
J.S. Gilbert Interview
J.S. Gilbert with David Rosenthal
J.S. Gilbert Interview No shy retiring wallflower, this man, J.S. Gilbert has always had strong opinions about the state of voiceover in today's technologically demanding world. You can find him on many of the LinkedIn VO groups stating his mind, and in this interview we go over the many of the essentials needed to give yourself a fighting chance in this highly competitive, sometimes cut-throat and way too often (these days) cut-rate business. . . . check it out
Shut Up And Talk
Paul Strikwerda
Shut Up And Talk You're auditioning for an important part and you spot a mistake in the script. What to do? Should you speak up or forever hold your peace? Paul Strikwerda has a suggestion. . . . check it out
Mark Evanier Interview
David Rosenthal with Mark Evanier
Mark Evanier Interview Mark Evanier knows a thing or two about writing, producing, casting and voice directing for animation. He should. He's the guy behind Garfield and Friends and now The Garfield Show; taken together, one of the longest running cartoons out there. Mark is a great storyteller, and he uses many of them as anecdotes and cautionary tales for the voice actor wanting to get into animation. He also talks about the importance of the almighty demo and how to do an animation track the right way. Listen and learn from one of the true pros in the business. . . . check it out
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